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10P20-44 EC-265 TR-114

Standard Lead Time:



AkzoNobel Aerospace


Kit Sizes Available:

1-Qt, 1.25-Gal


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A high solids urethane compatible, Skydrol resistant primer for the exterior of aircraft. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and excellent adhesion for urethane topcoats.

OEM Specifications:

Bombardier/Canadair BAMS 565-008, Type I & II Grade B

Boeing BMS 10-144, Type I, Grade B, COMP C

Boeing BMS 10-79, Type II & III Class B Grade D

Comac CMS-CT-201, Class B, Grade B

AkzoNobel Standard Certification

Bombardier/deHavilland DHMS C4.18, Type III Class B Grade B (D)

Boeing Long Beach DMS 2104, Type I, COMP B

Goodrich Corporation LGQP 6000

Goodrich Corporation LGQP 6001

Embraer MEP 10-068, Type I, CL A & B

Mitsubishi MM1275, Type I & II

Xian Aircraft Corp XMS1623



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