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Mapaero becomes AkzoNobel

Mapaero coatings include fillers, topcoats and protective coatings for the complete interior system, used in the decoration and preservation of interior surfaces, providing vital differentiation for airline passengers. Supported by outstanding durability, stain resistance and AkzoNobel's team of in-house design experts, keeping a cabin looking fresh and modern has never been easier.

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Below are a few of the many different Mapaero products TC Specialties offers. For a full list of the Mapaero products available, open the Qualified Products List (QPL) to the right.

Cabin Coatings:


Water-Based Polyurethane Primer/Surfacer


Water-Based Polyurethane Topcoat

Airbus AIMS 04-08-001

Boeing BMS 10-83 TY IV

Boeing BMS 10-83 TY IX

Embraer MEP 10-075

+12 more

Airbus AIMS 04-08-002

Airbus ABS 5650B

Embraer MEP 10-073

+13 more

Interior Coatings:


Structural Water-Based Epoxy Primer





Structural Water-Based Epoxy Topcoat

Airbus AIMS 04-04-001

Airbus AIMS 04-04-003

Airbus AIMS 04-04-004

Embraer MEP 10-059 TY III

+20 more

Airbus AIMS 04-04-003

+10 more

Click on above image to open Qualified Products List (QPL) (PDF)

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