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10P4-2NF EC-117S

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AkzoNobel Aerospace


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BAC 452 Green

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A chemically cured epoxy primer that provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistance for aircraft detail and subassembly parts. When used as the base primer for specification approved epoxy and polyurethane topcoats, the primer/topcoat system provides the optimum protection for interior structural components. This product has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.

OEM Specifications:

Allied Signal 51180208

Bombardier/Canadair BAMS 565-001, Grade A Category 1 Type 1

Boeing BMS 10-11, Type I Class A Grade A

AkzoNobel Standard Certification

Embraer MEP 10-059, Type I

Mitsubishi MM1255, Grade A

Israel Aerospace Industries MS1013E Class S

Rohr RMS 118, Type I, Class G



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