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ECL-F-92 PC-233

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AkzoNobel Aerospace


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BAC 701 Flat Black

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A chemically cured, low VOC topcoat designed to provide low gloss and reduced glare. This coating has a balanced formulation to provide superior chemical and stain resistance, and flexibility. When used with AkzoNobel primers 10P20-44 (BMS 10-79, TY II & III, DMS 2104, Comp B, BAMS 565-008, Ty I & II), 10P20-44M or 10P20-44MNF (BMS 10-72 Type IX) or 10P20-12 (DMS 2104, Comp C), the Eclipse topcoat provides a durable, long lasting, protective and decorative finish that exceeds typical OEM requirements for exterior aircraft performance.

OEM Specifications:

Boeing BMS 10-60 Type I & II Class B Grade D

Bombardier/Canadair BAMS 565-009 Type I Grade B

AkzoNobel Standard Certification



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