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OEM Specifier

US Military

The MIL-PRF-85285 material specification covers the US Military requirements for aerospace topcoats.

Paints and primers shown are not the complete offering of TC Specialties products. 

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PPG Aerospace

36375 Flat Gray

646-58-7038 X-501

AkzoNobel Aerospace

595B-17038 Gloss Black

666-58-6375 X-503

AkzoNobel Aerospace

AMS-595A-36375 Flat Gray


PPG Aerospace

17925 Gloss White

646-58-7925 X-501

AkzoNobel Aerospace

AMS-STD-595A-17925 Gloss White

666-58-7038 X-503

AkzoNobel Aerospace

AMS-STD-595A-37038 Flat Black

646-58-6473 X-501

AkzoNobel Aerospace

AMS-595A-16473 Gloss Gray

666-58-6231 X-503

AkzoNobel Aerospace

595B-36231 Flat Gray

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